Artemis: Star Trek Mod

1) DOWNLOAD the mod HERE

2) go to your Artemis folder
3) Rename your /dat folder to datbackup
4) extract the Star Trek Mod zip
5) Copy the folder (called dat) into your Artemis folder (it should be in the same folder as Artemis.exe

6) Do this on all computer which you would like to use the mod.

Run the exe and play as normal.

If you liked this mod, a £3 or $3 donation would be really appreciated, its encourageing when people feel they enjoyed something enough to give towards it!

Screen Shots (note, this is v1.0 and the ship models have changed since then)

Update Info:

Adam’s Star Trek Mod for Artemis 1.0
This is my attempt at changing the feel of the Artemis Bridge Simulator.  It was obviously crying out for a Star Trek mod so I had a go.  There are still a lot of bugs in the way the UI works, but technically it should all work properly.

V1.1 Jan 2012
I’ve found a Constitution Class Model online in one of the forums, I cant remember where I got this from, and it wont be in the final version, but if you are the owner/creator, and are not cool with me putting it on here as the default player ship, then let me know and ill take it down.  Just wanted to give it that touch of being in the ship. (I know I’ve got the generation wrong and so eventually the UI will match up with the ship and we can have a nice Galaxy class or hopefully, an Akira!)

Future updates (Hopefully):
Specialised missions to fit the Star Trek Universe
Maybe some missions adapted from Interplay’s Star Trek: Star Fleet academy
New Ship models
Updated music
Clean up the UI and sounds etc.
New Fonts

If you would like to help out and contribute, or if you’ve got any questions or suggestions email me at:

All the unmodified files are Copyright of Thom Robertson, all rights reserved 2011

All other work (apart from f_Constitution.snt and .dxs) are by Adam Jackson, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I dont want to reserve all right – i’m pretty easy going and have strong opinions on Copyright/left so get in touch. – Also, please donate if you like what ive done.  I love this game and want to purchase a copy for all of my friends with the money donated on!