Global Scalvager’s Cooperative

Welcome to the Global Scalvager’s Cooperative BETA.  Here people can share where they find materials that are being thrown out and that can be used for eco building.  This is extremely new and so the data is gradually being gathered.  We ask that people who are new try to add at least 3 new sites before visiting one on this page – that way the scalvage sites grow rather than everyone taking from one.

When editing the website please use the correct symbols, try to add as much description as possible and even a photograph.  If you know a skip has been permanently removed, please take it off the website.

Please obey the rules of being a Scalvager – If its not on public land – its outright stealing, always try to ask permission, leave the scalvage site tidy and do not cause any hassle for the skip owner, if you are injured by nails or something – leave immediately and do not let the skip owner find out (this is what stops permission and spreads fear of getting sued).


Icon Code:
Palletts (Regular Source)
Other Wood or Useful Building Material
Colour Code:
Blue indicates its ok to take materials (Check with owner first though if its the first time you’ve visited)
Yellow Indicates the state of the scalvage is unclear (IMPORTANT: Do not scalvage unless explicit Permission)
Red Indicates Fellow Scalvagers have tried, but permission was refused (DO NOT TRY AGAIN)

Once you are ready and that you’ve read the above rules of Scalvage and the Website: